Starting on keto-BMI-Body fat-Subcutaneous fat-Visceral fat

Starting on Keto – The Weigh in!

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Starting on keto

Starting on keto could be difficult. So, if I was going to do things right, then I should have a weigh in.

If I am committed to improving my health and well being I should take the whole process seriously.

I did not want this to be a short lived fad soon to be given up like previous attempts.

I did something we all do when we get an idea ……..fired up Amazon to have a look at scales for weighing myself. I settled on a set of digital body fat monitor scales that had pretty good reviews and you could track progress in an app on your phone. Perfect!

The scales I purchased are the: Renpho bodyweight digital scales.

Then I did my starting weigh in and the results shocked me!

Starting on keto-BMI-Body fat-Subcutaneous fat-Visceral fat
Ketogenic diet day 1

I’ll run through the key starting stats in order from top to bottom. Needless to say, where the result is highlighted in red, that’s not good!


Now I hadn’t weighed myself for a long time. Purely because I didn’t want to know. 17st 13lb (108kg). This is pretty bad. The recommended weight for my height 6ft 1 (185cm) is 11.8st-14.4st (166-202lb).

So I was quite a lot overweight.


BMI was 33.3. Recommended BMI is 18-24 so pretty much I was classed as being obese.

Subcutaneous Fat

My level was 29.9. Recommended level of subcutaneous fat is 8-25% to be healthy.

Visceral fat

My level was 16%. Recommended level of visceral fat is 1-12% to be healthy.


My body health age was 54. On the day of this first weigh in I was 47! So my body health age is 7 years older!.

I look at my body starting weight and how to calculate BMI next in my keto journey.

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