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Keto Health and Lifestyle

Welcome to Keto Health and lifestyle!

Keto Health and lifestyle was started to document my journey and share knowledge I’ve gathered along the way. If you are here then you are most probably looking for information on the Keto (Ketogenic) diet about what to do, what to eat on Keto and whether it is in fact healthy for you or not.

That is where I started and this is now where I am.

So, to give a little insight into me writing this blog:

Over the years (many years in fact) since my early 20’s I’ve struggled with weight issues. When I was pre 20’s I was in fit shape with a low body fat and looked good. Then as happens with most people, your body changes and that ease to stay in shape gets harder and harder. Throw into the mix some health and mobility issues and it becomes problematic.

I always had an active job working in construction up until early to my mid 30’s. This kept my fitness and strength levels quite good, but, I still carried some weight. Not a lot but it was there.

It was at that stage I had some back issues. My back pretty much said it needed a break and seized up on me. I was off work for 10 weeks straight. When I visited the osteopath and got my MRI scans done on my back it was clear that the two lower discs in my spine were deteriorating.

I moved off the tools into more management roles working at a desk with plenty of walking. The weight piled on. Every day seemed to be someones birthday so there were cakes and treats always at hand. I was just the same as anyone else………’the diet starts tomorrow’!

We all know tomorrow never comes does it? If it does it’s very short lived.

I’ve tried many different diets or ways of eating and they didn’t work for me. Some had short lived results but I found it was more yo-yo dieting. This doesn’t mean they were bad diets, it just means those diets didn’t suit me. Everyone is different and everyone will find their own way and what suits them.

So, lets fast forward now to 2 years ago….

Once again, I’d woke up and started to get ready for work. I sat on the bed and struggled to put my socks on. I could not bend to put the socks on, I had to lift my leg up onto the other to even get my sock near my foot. I was out of breath and struggling.

That for some reason was when it hit me. I’d been struggling mentally, I’d been struggling physically and my general health was not good at all.

That was the moment I honestly said to myself, this has got to change as I am going to be dead from a heart attack or some other health issue. If I couldn’t do it for me I should at least do it for my daughter so I am around for longer in her life.

It was then I started researching and looking up different diets and different ways of eating.

Over the upcoming blog entries I will be discussing the different diets I considered and detailing my journey and what I’ve found out along the way.

Beginning with a weigh in like I have, is important to find a starting point tracking progression.

This is my journey and I hope you can use it to help yourself!

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