Week 7 Keto Keto health and lifestyle 7 week Keto diet results

Case study: Amazing 7 week Keto diet results

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Key takeaway:

Start of Keto DietAfter week 7
Weight17st 13lb – 113kg – 251lb15st 11lb – 95.9kg – 211lb
BMI (Body Mass Index)33.329.3
Body Fat34.6%30.9%
Subcutaneous Fat29.9%27.1%
Visceral Fat16%12%
Metabolic age5452
Male 47 Years – 7 week Keto diet results


The Keto diet, which focuses on high-fat, low-carb intake, shifts the body into ketosis, burning fat for fuel rather than carbs.

By the 7-week mark in any diet, tracking progress is crucial to ensure you’re on the right path. It helps you understand how your body is responding, tweak your diet if necessary, and stay motivated by seeing tangible results.

Keeping tabs on your progress keeps you accountable and fuels your commitment to this transformative lifestyle change. The same tracking/accountability applies to any diet you follow.

This personal case study is ‘my’ accountability to follow my own lifestyle change and track it to see if it is working and hopefully benefit others through my experiences, highs and lows.


I’m male 47 years of age. I had a pretty sedentary lifestyle, apart from walking with work activities.

My initial health when I started this experiment/lifestyle was not good.

I was like I would think, a lot of people stuck in a rut in their life. Overweight, unhappy and tomorrow never comes.

My weight had ballooned up to 17st 13lb (113kg). I had only been this sort of weight once in my life and that was when I was in my youth and I was weight training and Thai boxing 6 days per week. (weight training Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday – Thai boxing Tuesday/Thursday).

This was a long time ago before working away from home where alcohol and poor dietary choices of fast food took over.

Week 1-6 Keto Diet Recap

Progress and Challenges

The first six weeks of my ketogenic diet were marked by significant progress and a series of challenges. My initial adaptation period was the most difficult, experiencing the keto flu and other symptoms as my body adjusted to the new diet lifestyle. However, once past this phase, the benefits of the diet started to became more apparent, including sustained weight loss, improved energy levels, and enhanced mental clarity.

Initial Weight Loss and Adaptation Period

My initial weight loss was rapid, primarily due to the loss of water weight. This was followed by a more gradual and sustained weight loss as my body adapted to burning fat for fuel. The adaptation period was challenging, with the ‘keto flu’ being the most significant hurdle. However, these symptoms subsided by the end of the second week, marking the end of the initial adaptation period.

Key Milestones

Keto week 7 overview

Typical daily meals

I cooked a chicken yesterday for our tea along with kale, leek and broccoli (of course I had a little bisto gravy!) and my daughter had the roast potatoes.

Then I put the bones and leftovers into the instant pot with a carrot, parsnip and onion and I cooked up some Keto bone broth. I think I’ll put the exact recipe into a bone broth on Keto recipe post. Broth is a very good way of getting the leftover goodness for your bones and skin that we don’t always get to consume. The broth can be used as a base for soups and casseroles.

I’ve got the chicken breasts ready to mix up with a bit of Mayo and chuck into a cheese salad tomorrow for work.

Snack options and drinks

Today’s food intake is going to be all about the broth and green tea I think. Plus plenty of water to keep on top of hydration.

I might snack on some cottage cheese with chive (a good Keto friendly cheese!) along the way as I dropped it as I was putting it in the fridge yesterday and had to decant into another container lol. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Physical activity routine

Averaging about 5500-6000 steps a day at the moment.

Keto diet week 7 results Keto health and lifestyle

Week 7 Keto diet progress

Physical Changes

Weight loss

Well the weight loss is going fantastic. Down 2 stone since starting the Keto diet lifestyle.

This is far far outperforming what I expected it to be like. Other diets have never been this effective. Maybe this is common. I will continue to monitor how this goes. I’m thinking if this continues to work then I need to plan an effective routine to maintain this weight loss.

Body measurements

My body is changing definitely on the outside. My upper inner thighs are definitely thinner. The sides of my chest under my armpits are definitely carrying less fat and there’s a rib cage there lol My belly still has the fat but it is definitely reducing if only little by little and that’s great in my book. My face has definitely got thinner and I’m losing my double chin.

Physical changes

Skin – skin is still doing good with less psoriasis but I still need to keep on top of my water intake. I’m passing water a lot more often now but I feel I’m in taking less water than usual (I’m going through 3-4 refills of my 750ml water bottle most days at work). I have had some itchy ness on the skin which I think is because my body is asking for more water intake.

Finger nails – thank god they’re not growing so quick now! Bloody annoying!

Smell – my sense of smell is noticing things I didn’t before. I’m noticing people’s perfumes/fragrances a lot more where as before I couldn’t really smell them unless they were directly under my nose.

Bowel movements – hmmm this is a tricky one. I’ve gone from frequent trips (before Keto) to not very often. Obviously this is the change in dietary intake and is good. I’ve read about constipation being common eating the Keto way. I don’t think I’m constipated but I feel I could do with a ‘clear out’ is the polite way to put it lol

Tinnitus – I’ve had tinnitus since my early 20’s. It’s been a combination of working in the construction industry without the correct ppe (before it became mandatory) and many nights spent at raves in the 90’s with the music way way too loud but we loved it. This week I have noticed, yes it is still there, but, it’s not as prominent. Weird. Could just be coincidence. I’m thinking it probably is, but, it could also be less pressure in my ear canals. I don’t mind, the change was welcome, even if it is only brief or temporary lol.

Psychological Effects

Keto diet and mood changes

When it comes to the Keto diet and headaches, I’ve not really noticed any. I have noticed how many around me in the workplace do complain of headaches though. Could be diet related? My mood seems to be good and I’m not as irritable.

Energy levels on Keto

Energy is still good and I’m feeling less pain now on my left weak knee. This is most definitely down to it not having to hoof that extra weight up and down the stairs!

Sleep quality

Keto diet and sleep – I am having the deepest sleeps ever. I’m going to bed not really too tired but I am into sleep fast and it’s a deep sleep and I’m not waking during the night, I’m sleeping straight through til morning. When I go to sleep I am sleeping the sleep of a thousand men!

Talking of sleep, while resting in bed, I have had occasionally had the feeling of warm itchy thighs. This could be circulation or my body using the fat for energy. I’m not sure and as it’s not a big issue I’m not worrying about it.

Social and Lifestyle Impacts

Eating out

I’ve not for a long time been a social eater. Meaning, I’m not normally one for going out a lot for restaurant meals. Occasionally I will go for a family meal and this will sometimes be a carvery or something similar. Normally there is a selection of meats and veg so it is fairly easy to pick and choose what suits this lifestyle.

Social gatherings

I’m very much an introverted person. I’ve been like this for a good 20 years. Prior to this I was very extroverted in my younger years. Amazing how things change over time. Social gatherings and a lot of people interaction takes its toll on me and I find it exhausting so this exhaustion definitely aids sleep and I need to rest and recover.

Family and work-life balance

Family always comes first. Going from being a workaholic, working away from home 5-7 days per week, 50 weeks a year I’ve come to realise you cannot get that time back that you miss out on.

I’m choosing to work ‘normal’ hours (if there is such a thing!). I think when you start a family your outlook changes. So I’ve done my best to always be available for family and accommodate work around that.

keto diet challenges keto health and lifestyle

Challenges Faced in Week 7 of the Keto diet

Food cravings

Hunger – I’ve had a couple of days for the first time since eating this way where my body has said it’s hungry with the stomach rumbles. No big issue as my appetite moved me to one meal a day so I’m happy to add some extra food in at some stage. A body needs fuel!

Keto flu symptoms

Calf’s – I’ve been getting up in the morning with stiff calf’s. So, I’m either simulating lots of walking in my sleep or it could be a signal of my body telling me I need more electrolytes. I’m taking electrolytes before bed so apart from getting up in the night to take some more I’m not sure. I’ll research or monitor as these weeks go on.

Keto formula for Success

Keto meal prepping tips

I think I’m becoming a food snob. No, really I think I am.

I’m looking around and my first thoughts are yes it’ll taste good but how can anyone eat that with the problems it’ll cause my body. Obviously I keep those thoughts to myself but it’s strange how my foodie mind has changed in such a short space of time. I love food and always will, I’ve just got to make sure I eat the correct foods from now on.

I making a list of the things I need for food shopping. Go into the supermarket (or order online) and just head to those isles that you need for getting your food.

Supermarkets are good at placing items of temptation within sight and putting offers on them for you to impulse purchase. Be strong! Avoid the temptations!

Overcoming cravings on Keto diet

Always have some Keto bites in the fridge or to hand at work that will work with this lifestyle. Have some cubed cheese or some cooked sausages/bacon or some pork scratchings to hand. You don’t need to eat them. they’re just there for a snack if you find you need them. It’s amazing how the odd protein snack will satiate you more than consuming a sugary treat which will have you craving more in a short period of time.

Staying motivated on Keto

Don’t try and find a similar alternative for those sugary/carb rich foods straight away. From my experience so far, I’ve changed my mindset. Keeping those similar treats is going to make it harder for you to break that ‘mindset’ that you need certain foods.

The hardest thing is changing this mindset of advice we have always been told, ‘you need carbs and sugar as part of your balanced diet to function’. At the moment, with my mindset change I’m discovering this is not necessarily true for me.

Everyone is different. Yourself included. What suits one may not suit another.

Supplements for Keto

Along with eating carefully and following the Keto diet plan, it is always good to supplement your diet. The supplements I’m using are multivitamin and minerals, turmeric curcumin, bee pollen and propolis, Pau’Darco, electrolytes and some bio cultures.

I’m primarily using the NUUNutrition brand and they are good quality and at a good price for the quantity.

Keto diet FAQs

How much weight can I expect to lose by week 7 on keto?

Everyone’s body will react differently. My experience is the loss of 2 stone (approx 17kg). Do not expect too much. This is only my journey and yours may differ. Those carrying more weight than myself can expect to lose more similar to those that have less weight to lose can expect to lose less by the 7 week stage.

What should I do if I hit a weight loss plateau?

If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau on the keto diet, try adjusting your calorie intake. You might need to eat less or switch up your macros. Increasing physical activity can also help. Focus on whole, unprocessed foods and avoid hidden carbs. Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Sometimes, adding intermittent fasting can kickstart weight loss again. Keep tracking your food intake to ensure you’re staying within your limits. Lastly, consider consulting a dietitian for tailored advice.

Are there any risks associated with the keto diet after 7 weeks?

After seven weeks on the keto diet, some risks might start to show. You could experience nutrient deficiencies, as the diet limits fruits, vegetables, and grains. This can lead to low levels of vitamins and minerals. You might also feel tired or weak, often called the “keto flu.” Your digestive system could suffer too, causing constipation or other issues. Long-term, a high-fat diet might increase cholesterol levels, affecting heart health. It’s crucial to monitor these risks and adjust your diet as needed. Consulting with a healthcare professional is always a good idea.

How can I manage social events while on keto?

Pre plan where you are going. Check out menu’s and select what you will be eating. Take Keto friendly snacks with you if you think you will need them. Look for Keto friendly drinks.

What are common signs of ketosis?

One common sign of ketosis is bad breath, often described as fruity or metallic. You might also notice increased urination and a dry mouth. Weight loss can speed up, and you may feel less hungry. Some people report a boost in energy and mental clarity. However, you could experience fatigue and sleep issues at first. Digestive problems, like constipation or diarrhoea, are also possible. Finally, keto breath, which has a distinct smell, is a telltale sign.

Can I exercise while on the keto diet?

Yes, you can exercise while on the keto diet. When you first start, you might feel a bit tired as your body adjusts. Many people find that they have less energy and may need to take it easy for the first week or two. After this period, your body will switch to burning fat for fuel, which can improve endurance. Stick to low-to-moderate intensity workouts at first, like walking or light weightlifting. As you get used to the diet and your energy levels stabilise, you can gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. Always listen to your body and stay hydrated.


So at this stage of the 7-week keto diet case study, it’s clear that the journey has been both challenging and mostly rewarding.

Over the past seven weeks, I’ve seen significant changes in body composition, energy levels, and overall well-being.

The results demonstrate the potential effectiveness of a well-planned ketogenic diet for those seeking to improve their health and achieve their weight loss goals.

Looking ahead, the long-term success of any diet depends on sustainability and lifestyle integration. For this case study, the next steps may involve gradually transitioning to a maintenance phase, where carbohydrate intake is slowly increased while maintaining ketosis.

This approach can help ensure the longevity of the results achieved during these seven weeks.To our readers following along, remember that everyone’s journey is unique.

I encourage you to track your own progress if you’re considering or currently following a ketogenic diet. Keep a detailed food diary, monitor your energy levels, and regularly measure your body composition. These metrics will provide valuable insights into how your body responds to the diet and help you make informed decisions about your health.

While the results of this case study are inspiring, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your diet. The ketogenic lifestyle can be a powerful tool for transformation, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Remember, the path to better health is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay committed, stay informed, and most importantly, listen to your body. Here’s to our continued success on the ketogenic lifestyle!

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