Keto weight loss Week 3-4 Keto Health and lifestyle

Case study: Amazing Keto diet week 3-4 results

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Key takeaways:

Start of Keto DietAfter week 3-4
Weight17st 13lb – 113kg – 251lb16st 5lb – 104kg – 231lb
BMI (Body Mass Index)33.330.4
Body Fat34.6%32.1%
Subcutaneous Fat29.9%28.1%
Visceral Fat16%13%
Metabolic age5453
Male 47 Years – Keto week 3-4 results

Personal motivation for trying the keto diet

Moving into Keto diet week 3-4 results motivation for carrying on is good.

To achieve weight loss and improve overall health! I want to change how I feel and how I look. We are never too old to start caring for ourselves again.

From my starting weight and BMI on the ketogenic diet post my health was not the best its ever been, so I set some goals:

  • Lose 1-2 stone in weight over 12-18 months
  • Keep hydrated – Drink more water
  • Stay active (I have a job where I normally complete anywhere between 6-8000 steps per day) but on days off go for walks to keep activity up.

I’ll then be reassessing where I am at and my progress and/or fails and plan forward accordingly.

Understanding the Keto Diet

How the Ketogenic diet works – My Keto Diet Macros

So through a bit of research, asking questions and joining a group on social media my key understanding is aim for high protein, high (good) fats and low carb and sugar intake.

I haven’t religiously tracked my macro nutrient intake, but, I aimed to be following:

  • 75% fats – up to 160g per day
  • 5% carbs – up to 25g per day
  • 20% proteins – up to 95-100g per day

Good resources on YouTube to look at for researching into your ketogenic journey are Dr Eric Berg DC, Dr Sten Ekbert and Thomas Delauer. Check them out as there is a lot of knowledge to help. Knowledge is power!

List of foods to eat and avoid

I’m avoiding my usual carb and sugar rich foods. I need to keep it simple as if I overcomplicated things or I will lose interest and fail.

I’ve stopped the convenient take aways like curries, Chinese, pizza and fish and chips. I’m also not buying ready prepared meals from the supermarket.

I’m preparing everything from scratch and not relying on store bought pre packed foods (where possible), using plenty of green vegetables.

Counting calories in Ketogenic diet

I’m still not counting calories (things are working without counting at the moment). I’ve changed my methods of eating and my lifestyle and I seem to be moving in the right direction.

I’m supposed to be aiming for less than 2500 calories per day.

The general rule of thumb is to eat less calories than you need and then weight loss will follow with all diet plans.

Potential benefits of the Ketogenic diet

The biggest benefit for me would be to lose weight, lose body fat and improve my general health. Hopefully improve skin health and mobility will improve too.

Ketogenic diet week 3-4 results – My journey so far

Breakdown of meals and snacks on Keto diet

I’ve been eating pretty much the same foods and varying it through the week and I’m thinking my brunch today will be a gammon slice which I need to use up along with some scrambled egg, mushrooms and spring onions.

I don’t like courgettes but have discovered courgetti and I like it (it’s the same vegetable so why don’t I like it if it’s not spiralised? Weird!).

I’ve discovered Basa fish for the first time and it’s really nice (tastes like plaice to me even though it’s catfish).

My water intake has gone up, some days I’m close to 3-4 litres.

Cravings and energy levels on Keto

I have no cravings for the carbs and sugar at all now! I think any cravings for certain foods now are just down to the fact it’s ingrained in the mind you loved those foods?

I’m constantly looking at what other people are eating to see if it’s something I could and pretty much, most of the time it’s a big fat ‘NO’ as there is so much carb and sugar out there in a lot of foods and I never even saw that before Keto.

Energy levels seem to be good at the moment. I’m noticing that although my body and mind should be tired, it feels like I’ve constantly got a recharged full battery inside me.

The Keto effect so far

  • Keto flu has gone. The dreaded Keto flu didn’t last very long.
  • I’ve not feeling tired now.
  • No sugar cravings at all.
  • Slight mood swings have subsided and I’m feeling more positive about things, not just Keto but generally in life.
  • Energy has been pretty good. I know my body sometimes its tired but not getting that ‘exhausted’ feeling like I had before keto.
  • My IBS has changed. It has gone completely! Yes I am ecstatic about this! No upset stomach feelings at all. Bowel movements have been ‘normal’. This is a major win for me and a big reason to carry on.
  • My psoriasis/scalp folliculitis has reduced a lot. This is also brilliant. My skin feels healthier.
  • Keto breath – No sign of it yet!
  • Finger nails are growing really fast! Getting fed up of trimming them!
  • I’m a size down in work trousers.

Challenges during week 3-4 of Ketogenic dieting

Without doubt, one of the biggest challenges was having food offered and having to say no during the start of Keto.

Now, in week 3-4 I’m finding this a lot easier. Maybe this is due to not craving the sugar and carbs now and seeing I’m having some positive health effects happen with my body?

There have been a few discussions where I’m being told the Keto diet is not healthy and sustainable. I’ve accepted these viewpoints when told. My body is telling me at the moment they’re not giving me the right information for me at the moment as my body feels great.

I’m constantly looking at what other people are eating to see if it’s something I could eat and pretty much, most of the time it’s a big fat ‘NO’ as there is so much carb and sugar out there in a lot of foods and I never even saw that before Keto.

Supplements on Keto

Just for good general health I’ve been continuing to take the following supplements to my Keto Diet:

NU U Nutrition – Multivitamins and Minerals

NU U Nutrition – Organic Turmeric Curcumin

BEE & YOU – Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly & Bee Propolis

Now – Pau D’Arco

NU U Nutrition – Electrolytes Complex

NU U Nutrition – Bio-Cultures

The Big Reveal – Keto diet week 3-4 results

Keto diet week 3-4 results keto health and lifestyle

Weight loss progress after week 3-4

Really pleased with the results so far. My weight loss is an incredible 1 stone and 7lbs of weight! I haven’t done anything extreme either. I’ve kept to the plan and resisted temptations. A lot of this weight will be ‘water weight’ but I’m taking this as a win as not all of it will be water weight. Well done me!

Changes in BMI

BMI has dropped a full 3 points. This is showing the fact the weight has been going down and this is a proud 3 point reduction and it’s a big starting step in the right direction getting away from the obese category. A big motivation to continue!

Body fat percentage

Body fat percentage has dropped 2.5%! This is a lot in the grand scheme of things, it is another accountability factor supporting the BMI and weight loss this week.

Subcutaneous fat and Visceral fat

Subcutaneous fat down 1.8% and the visceral fat down a full 3%!. Subcutaneous and visceral fats are what’s pushing my belly out so these dropping is great news! This is why I’ve had to purchase some new work trousers in a smaller waist size!

Celebrating Victories

Non scale victories

First thing to come to mind is actually staying on track. Lets see how this progresses but I’m really pleased I resisted temptation to indulge a sweet treat here and there.

I’ve stayed on track and it’s not been that hard really now I’m into weeks 3-4. Still proud in myself resisting sweet treats but I’m thinking long term not short term goals.

I’m feeling great. I do actually feel better, less lethargic and I’ve noticed a vast improvement in my skin and nail growth.

Personal achievements or positive changes noticed

I’m still sleeping better. I haven’t suddenly changed from a bad sleeper to a perfect sleeper, nothing miraculous like that. I as I’m sure a lot of others that are in the obese category like me have sleep issues and nights of broken sleep. It’s too early to say so far but I have had some really good refreshing nights sleep this week. Having this good sleep which has been a rarity for many years has improved my moods and I suppose I’ve been less irritable as a person.

Celebrate your own victories trying the keto lifestyle

This is just a recommendation to you or anyone else considering the Ketogenic diet.

Do take some notes, keep some records and occasionally look back on them. This is what let me to starting this blog, looking back on what is good, bad and possible to achieve. Plus, it’s a talking point in conversation with others and you can compare stats.

When others who are on the Keto diet find out you are doing the same, they will stop and talk to ask questions and compare stats and changes to their bodies with you. Trust me, it will happen!

Staying Motivated with Keto

Tips for the lifestyle of Ketogenic eating

  1. If you are interest in trying it, just do it. Prepare and research well and try it out. I don’t regret starting this journey.
  2. Listen to some but not to others. There will be many voices in your life with an opinion. Some good, some bad. There is only one opinion that matters at the moment in your quest to change your lifestyle and that’s yours. Stick with your gut (pun intended) and follow what you’ve learned. A lot of people will tell you daily what you should be eating and what you shouldn’t.
  3. Take it step by step and don’t expect the world to change. Don’t set unrealistic targets. Set SMART targets (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound).

Future goals and expectations

Simple set here. I want to keep losing weight in small amounts slowly and steadily. The is already starting to happen. My clothes are starting to feel looser and my waist size is reducing.

I’ll take that win at the moment!

Ketogenic diet FAQ Keto Health and lifestyle

Ketogenic diet – FAQs

Can you eat cheese on a Keto diet?

Yes! Cheese is a good form of protein and fat. Cheese also helps to curb appetite and cravings.

Is wine Keto friendly?

No! The brewing process of turning grapes into wine includes sugar. On the Ketogenic diet we are aiming to reduce and eliminate sugars from our body. There may be one or two Keto friendly wines out there but it’s a slippery slope to go down in my opinion and if you do indulge in alcohol consumption, prepare yourself for a massive hangover as the after effects of the sugar rush will hit you hard and you will regret it.

How much sugar on a Keto diet?

Very little. The aim is to reduce sugar intake into the body to as close to zero as possible. There will always be some natural sugars in foods and these won’t be eliminated. Refined sugars like cane sugar/granulated sugar is what we don’t want to be putting into our bodies. Be careful of ready meals and snacks as these contain a lot of hidden sugars.

Can I eat coleslaw on a Keto diet?

Yes! Obviously the best coleslaw to eat is the coleslaw you make from scratch yourself. If you are like me, store purchased coleslaw is the better option, check the labels between the different types. Pick the one with the least sugar. Coleslaw can be consumed in moderation.

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