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Case study: Amazing Keto week 1 results

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Key takeaways – TL;DR

Start of Keto DietAfter 1 week
Weight17st 13lb – 113kg – 251lb17st 5lb – 111kg – 245lb
BMI (Body Mass Index)33.332.3
Body Fat34.6%33.7%
Subcutaneous Fat29.9%29.2%
Visceral Fat16%15%
Metabolic age5454
Male 47 Years – Keto week 1 results

Personal motivation for trying the keto diet

To achieve weight loss and improve overall health!

So, as per my starting weight and BMI on the ketogenic diet post – things were not going well from a health point of view in my life.

In order to change I set a goal of trying the Keto diet and if it does work and is not too hard to maintain then I will be happy with losing 1 stone, maybe 2 over the next 12-18 months and then reassessing where I’m at and planning what I’m going to do from there. Let’s not think too far ahead and set an unrealistic goal let’s stay close to the here and now. Only concentrate on the short term future.

Understanding the Keto Diet

How the Keto diet works – Ketogenic diet description

So through a bit of research, asking questions and joining a group on social media my key understanding is aim for high protein, high (good) fats and low carb and sugar intake. I’m sure I did what many people do and tried to get a plan together. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail isn’t it?

Some good resources on YouTube for researching into your ketogenic journey are Dr Eric Berg DC, Dr Sten Ekbert and Thomas Delauer. Check them out as there is a lot of knowledge to help.

List of foods to eat and avoid

My plan in brief was to avoid my usual carb and sugar rich foods. The keep it simple stupid (kiss) approach as if I overcomplicated things I would quickly lose focus and enthusiasm. I am only human after all like the rest of us.

I also stopped the convenient take aways like curries, Chinese, pizza and fish and chips.

Calories in Keto diet

I haven’t really counted calories this week. Many diets have you count calories and follow them to the point. I am more about changing my methods of eating and my lifestyle. I don’t want to get too hung up on what my calorie intake is at the moment. The general rule of thumb is to eat less calories than you need and then weight loss will follow with all diets. I may revisit calorie counting and planning going forward depending on how this lifestyle change progresses (or doesn’t progress!)

Potential benefits of the Keto diet

Well according to what I’ve researched so far, the biggest benefit would be to lose weight, lose body fat and improve my general health.

My Week 1 Journey – Keto week 1 results

Breakdown of meals and snacks on Keto diet

So, I normally ate the usual carbohydrate rich crisps, pasta, bread, popcorn etc on a daily basis. Changing onto the Keto diet was going to be a struggle. I did always like a good roast dinner anytime one was offered or if I had the chance to cook. The thing is, roast dinners still contain foods with carbs so I had to rethink my strategy. This is why it is good to plan ahead.

I am as weak as the next person when it comes to food temptation. Sit a sugary doughnut near me or a chunky flapjack and I would be salivating and eating them all without thinking twice. I suppose I was a binge eater. Throw in a tub of Ben and Jerries and I would just keep eating. I was prepared for the possible sugar cravings and definitely the carb ‘come down’. It is common knowledge for all health advisors to tell us we need some carbs in our diet for energy so this was going to be a tough time.

Or was it?

I cleared out the fridge of the tempting snacks. I didn’t have many but what there was, I got rid of. The last thing I wanted was temptations every time I opened the door to the fridge or cupboard.

I replaced the snacks with green leafy veg, salad and cheese and various meats. I could do the roast dinners but without the carbs, couldn’t I? Just make sure there’s no carrots, roast potatoes, peas and no Yorkshire puddings. (everyone loves a good Yorkshire pudding?)

So based on 3 meals a day I was preparing:

Sausages and bacon and boiled eggs (these could be pre cooked and taken to work and eaten for breakfast or as a snack).

Beef (small joint or steak) Pork belly, chicken etc and served with the veg along with some gravy.

The gravy is the instant bisto gravy granules and yes, it’s not Keto friendly. But a little bit wouldn’t hurt yes?

Looking back through my food journal I have been eating:

A mix of bacon, cathedral city cheese, tomatoes, broccoli, spring greens, cauliflower, steak, chicken, ham, eggs, lettuce, coleslaw (store bought), cucumber, tuna, bell peppers, pickles, Brazil nuts, pecan nuts, butter, herbs/spices, home made yoghurt. Most is cooked with either olive oil or butter. I have cheated a little though with some store bought peppercorn sauce.

That was my week’s food prep and it’s worked fairly well so far and I’ve kept it simple!

I looked online at recipes and I also purchased 1 or 2 books off Amazon for meal ideas.

I’ve cut out as far as I know virtually all my carbs and sugar as far as possible (apart from a small bit of condensed milk which goes in the starting of the yoghurt, I’m going to be making the Keto version to replace this).

Cravings and energy levels on Keto

Well, in all honesty, for the first 2 days my body did crave some nice sugary treats or some carbs. That’s only natural. But after that, the craving wasn’t really there. This surprised me a bit because I didn’t really notice I wasn’t getting the cravings or the energy slump like usual. I could eat the usual 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner (prior to trying the keto diet) and it was guaranteed that come 2pm in the afternoon and early evening about 6pm I would need to have a short nap. By bedtime I was absolutely exhausted.

During this first week, Those moments of needing so much sleep and having those lethargic times of the day were I suppose not really there. I was getting tired yes. But I was tired at the end of the day from a good days work. I wasn’t tired through being lethargic.

The Keto effect so far

  • Keto flu is not a myth. When I ache I know I need to up my electrolytes (my kidneys are quick to tell me this)
  • I’ve not felt as tired as I expected and I’m less tired than on non-Keto.
  • I’m still craving sugar but this will subside.
  • I’ve had some light headedness/dizzyness but very little.
  • Energy wise I’ve not noticed much difference apart from needing to take a more frequent sit down for 5 mins at work.
  • My IBS has changed. My stomach feels really comfortable if that makes sense? First time in years I’ve not had to look for the location of the nearest toilets when I go somewhere just in case they’re needed at short notice.
  • My psoriasis/scalp folliculitis seems to be coming under control. This I never thought about prior to Keto but have just started to notice.
  • I’ll be making tweaks to what I’m consuming as I go depending on what my body tells me and I’ll be reintroduction some gentle yoga to help with my movement/lower back problems soon (DDP).
  • Keto breath – well, I’ve warned my family and colleagues but I’ve not noticed anything yet. I brush teeth twice daily and use a tongue scraper and mouthwash too.
  • I don’t feel the need to test to see if I’m in Ketosis. My body is telling me everything I need to know so far. Something is happening definitely.

Challenges during the first week of dieting

Without doubt, one of the biggest challenges is having food offered and having to say no!

I work in an area with a mixed content of people. Some of those people bake cakes regularly. Others bring in chocolates and treats. So the temptation is always there.

The main challenge was keeping my mind strong and thinking about the ‘end goal’ and not lapsing into the ‘I’ll just have one, it won’t hurt’ or ‘I’ll hit the diet properly again tomorrow’. These are just excuses to not commit. The people I work around all have strong mindsets and when they commit to something work wise there is no sidetracking. I am a part of that environment so why can’t I keep that same level of commitment to my lifestyle plan?

After all, it is me I’m letting down, and if I let myself down, I am letting my family down as doing this has an end goal…….to be around longer for my family and not die young through ill health!

Supplements on Keto

Just for general health I’ve been taking the following supplements to my Keto Diet:

NU U Nutrition – Multivitamins and Minerals

NU U Nutrition – Organic Turmeric Curcumin

VividHealth – Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly & Bee Propolis

Now – Pau D’Arco

Myprotein – Electrolyte Plus

NU U Nutrition – Bio-Cultures

The Big Reveal – Ketogenic diet results

Keto weight loss 7 days Keto Health and lifestyle

Weight loss progress after week 1

Well, considering I thought I hadn’t made too many changes to my eating plan I lost a massive 7.8lb of weight! Ok I eliminated the sugars and the carbs but still felt I was eating normally? But 7.8lb of weight down? What is this wizardry? Having interactions within the social media community, yes a large part of this weight that has been lost is ‘water weight’ but even so, I’m ecstatic with that result as my aim was to lose a pound or two. Well done me!

Changes in BMI

BMI has dropped a full 1 point. This is mirroring the fact the weight has been going down and this may only be a 1 point reduction but it’s a massive step in the right direction getting away from the obese category. A big motivation to continue!

Body fat percentage

Body fat percentage has dropped 0.9%! This doesn’t sound like a lot in the grand scheme of things, it is another accountability factor supporting the BMI and weight loss this week.

Subcutaneous fat and Visceral fat

Subcutaneous fat down 0.7 percent and the visceral fat down a full 1%!. Subcutaneous and visceral fats are what’s pushing my belly out so these dropping is great news! (not just great, I’m pretty impressed to be honest as there is hope my belly is going)

Celebrating Victories

Non scale victories

First thing to come to mind is actually staying on track. Lets see how this progresses but I’m really pleased I resisted temptation to indulge a sweet treat here and there.

I actually feel better. Maybe it’s my imagination at this point? I do actually feel better, less lethargic and I’ve noticed a slight improvement in my skin.

Personal achievements or positive changes noticed

I have started sleeping better. Weird but true. I have not suddenly changed from a bad sleeper to a perfect sleeper, nothing miraculous like that. I as I’m sure a lot of others that are in the obese category like me have sleep issues and nights of broken sleep. It’s too early to say so far but I have had some really good refreshing nights sleep this week. Having this good sleep which has been a rarity for many years has improved my moods and I suppose I’ve been less irritable as a person.

Celebrate your own victories trying the keto lifestyle

This is just a recommendation to you considering the Ketogenic diet.

Do take some notes, keep some records and occasionally look back on them. This is what let me to starting this blog, looking back on what is good, bad and possible to achieve. Plus, it’s a talking point in conversation with others and you can compare stats.

Staying Motivated with Keto

Tips for the lifestyle of Ketogenic eating

  1. If you are interest in trying it, just do it. Prepare and research well and try it out. I don’t regret starting this journey.
  2. Listen to some but not to others. There will be many voices in your life with an opinion. Some good, some bad. There is only one opinion that matters at the moment in your quest to change your lifestyle and that’s yours. Stick with your gut (pun intended) and follow what you’ve learned. A lot of people will tell you daily what you should be eating and what you shouldn’t.
  3. Take it step by step and don’t expect the world to change. Don’t set unrealistic targets. Set SMART targets (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound).

Future goals and expectations

Simple set here. I want to keep losing weight in small amounts slowly and steadily. On the progress this week, I can see this might be possible so hopefully a new healthier me is in progress.

Ketogenic diet FAQ Keto Health and lifestyle

Ketogenic diet – FAQs

How does the Keto diet affect energy levels?

So far, my energy levels have increased. Not much but it has been noticeable after 1 week. Losing the afternoon ‘slump’ has been great.

Is it normal to experience cravings during the first week?

Yes! Ketogenic eating is removing a lot of the carbs and sugar from your body. When you remove anything from the body that you consume regularly there will be some withdrawal and this is what causes the cravings. Keto is no different! Cravings will be there just focus your mind to realise they are there and thinking of the long term goals you are aiming for to help resist.

What are common mistakes to avoid on the Keto diet?

Consuming hidden carbs and sugar in common foods. Make sure you check food packaging ingredients! Check the labels religiously and you will be shocked at how many foods contain hidden sugar and carbohydrates.

How quickly can I expect to see results on the Keto diet?

In the first week if you follow the correct eating plan! I have seen results in the first 7 days. Get some good body fat scales to help you record and keep track of progress and it’s also a good visual aid for your own motivation. I chose the Renpho scales for body weight and they are working well with the free app for your phone.

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